• Life is tough but it's even tougher when you hop on one leg.

    Amputation has far-reaching consequences that affect not only individuals but also their families and society at-large.

  • Approximately 507 amputations occur each day in the United States alone.

    Of the people whose limbs are surgically removed everyday include family breadwinners and parents of young children in the middle of their working years as productive members of a society.

  • Amputation has ripple effects.

    84% of households headed by Amputees are food insecure.

Who We Are.

  • Give A Limb is a charity flexible in its holistic support for amputees, education for girls and boys, empowerment of women and other communities.

  • Education is usually the next casualty once a breadwinner has been incapacitated by limb loss. 79% had to choose between food and education.

  • The number of people amputated due to accident, wars and disease such as diabetes cannot be calculated and must not be miscalculated or minimized in its impact.

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