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About us

Our mission is to help people with limb loss, and their families cope with the physical, emotional and economic effects of amputation.

As a charity: Give A Limb provide amputees with a prosthesis – at no cost – to help them live life without limits, therefore, choosing to make something positive out of trauma and tragedy.

Our Work

Our goal is to support amputees of all ages and backgrounds through a wide range of existing programs and offer aid to their family, and caregivers. it’s about our shared humanity!

This non-profit organization is dedicated to bettering, enriching and making the lives of these trauma survivors, more manageable and imbued with dignity, where being infirm is seen as an impediment to social advancement.

Our training and development outreach program provides basic services within the purview of our mission to help amputees achieve or sustain self-sufficiency and dynamic lives in their own communities.

These services include culturally sensitive education on issues related to disability, prosthesis aid: peer and caregiver support and return-to-work empowerment initiatives for job seekers with lower-extremity amputation.

What Give a Limb Do

Our Important Work Includes


The last thing that someone should have to worry about when they lose a limb is to have adequate insurance coverage for a prosthetic device.


The one who went through the tragedy of amputation is probably not alone in his evolution.
Not only is he/she affected, but also, to a certain extent, so is everyone concerned with that person, including his or her lover or spouse, children, and other family members, friends, co-workers, and employers.


The correlation between poverty, amputation, and disability has direct consequences when society misses out on a vast source of human capital needed to take sustainable development forward. Continued inertia on these critical issues means that poverty eradication efforts will be undermined, inequalities perpetuated, and economic growth dampened. It is not possible to end poverty: not without addressing amputation in particular.

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Bennie Njoku

$150.00 March 24, 2020

Sally Johnson

$50.00 February 2, 2020

Bennie Njoku

$50.00 February 2, 2020

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$100.00 February 2, 2020

Sally Johnson

$1,000.00 February 2, 2020

john smith

$50.00 February 2, 2020

Bennie Njoku

$150.00 February 2, 2020

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